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Martin Davis
The current IndexedPointInAreaLocator is in
com.vividsolutions.jts.algorithm.locate.  The other one is obsolete.  
Not sure how it snuck back into the distribution - but you can delete it


ferdinand tomale wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I imported the sources for jts-1.10 into a eclipse plugin project. I
> found out that GeometryGraph contains an ambiguous reference to
> IndexedPointInAreaLocator that exists in packages
> com.vividsolutions.jts.algorithm and
> com.vividsolutions.jts.algorithm.locate.
> Is this correct? I suspect I am doing something wrong. Any pointers to
> exploring jts? Ultimately, I hope to build an application that will
> load and display shape files. I already checked out the udig project
> and it contains references to jts. So I have to learn jts first.
> Thanks!
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