Release of JTS Warped 00.10.00

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Release of JTS Warped 00.10.00

Sunburned Surveyor
I'd like to briefly announce the release of JTS Warped 00.10.00. JTS
Warped is a small group of classes designed to complement the Java
Topology Suite:

The main feature of this first release of JTS Warped is the source
code in the net.surveyos.sourceforge.jtswarped.angles package. This
package contains code that adds basic angle and direction
functionality to JTS. It would be useful for things like calculating
view sheds, processing terrestrial/conventional surveying data, and
creating parallel lines. The code in this package can be combined with
the classes in net.surveyos.sourceforge.jtswarped.coordinategeometry
package to allow JTS to be used as a fully-functional coordinate
geometry package.

All of the source code in these two packages has complete Javadoc
comments and JUnit tests.

There are a couple of other packages with some unrelated utility
classes that should be stable, but may not be fully documented or unit
tested. For example: The JtsLineStringUtilities class contains a
method that allows you to test two (2) LineStirngs for equality while
specifying a tolerance for coordinate comparison.

I would really appreciate feedback and suggestions from anyone that
uses the JTS Warped Library. I also welcome contributions of other
code that complements JTS.

The JTS Warped library is released under the GPL, and is available for
download from here:

The source code for this release of JTS Warped can be viewed here:

In the next release I hope to include some code for a new "simple
spatial index and some topology/spatial relationship stuff.

The Sunburned Surveyor
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