Spatial Queries using the within function

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Spatial Queries using the within function

Michael McCarthy-3
Hi all,

This may be somewhere between a JTS question and a Hibernate Spatial  
query, apologies if I have completely the wrong list for this...

I'm using Hibernate Spatial with MySQL and have Point information for  
various buildings. If a user enters their postcode I want to find how  
many of these buildings are within a certain distance of them (say,  
5km). All my points have been constructed from the same coordinate  

I want to use the Hibernate Spatial 'within' function but to do that I  
need to pass it a geometry representing my bounding circle or rectangle.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can do that? Jody mentioned the H2  
module, I have found a few JavaDocs on it but can't find one of the  
Wiki pages about it (I like the Wiki lots my the way)

Your advice is much appreciated!

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