> Radius Topology is that successfull (in terms of sales)

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> Radius Topology is that successfull (in terms of sales)

Simon Greener

> you know - it is kind of nice if JTS or something (Oracle, Mapinfo) can
> read such data and other things. But it gives me a headache since people
> start exploiting these options and standards don't make sense then
> anymore. And one wonders why people do the efforts to setup standards
> and why others teach what is correct.

I think my post shows that Oracle complies with the standards and that the posted geometry was not a MultiPolygon within a MultiPolygon (you can't construct such a beast in Oracle).

>                  Sales departments probably
> consider this as feature while I would call it a bug ;)

"Embrace and Extend", my friend, "Embrace and Extend"! (I am part of that cynical group of practitioners who believe vendors get on standards bodies not to make them practical or work but to make them dumb so thy can market their more useful extensions to the basic standard.)

> PS: ...of course there was a reason why Radius Topology is that
> successfull (in terms of sales)

Can you explain why you say this?

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